My games and animations can now be displayed without
any issues by using Internet Explorer / Edge, and on
some Safari browsers. To view/play my projects through
Google Chrome browser there is some simple steps to take:
-Open Google Chrome.

-Log on your Google/Gmail account.-Go to Settings in the icon with the 3 dots up in the right
corner of the page.
-In the white field of the page, write:
-Switch on: Allow sites to run Flash.
-Switch off: Ask first.
-Under Allow, press ADD. paste in: <>    don’t write the < > signs

(does not  on phone browsers)

This is a new page on the site, to show some small side projects i’ve been working on next to the paintings.

Bruce Lee Project 06

Bruce Lee Project 07

Early Stage of a new project.


Early stage of a new game project.
Code written in Actionscript 3.0

BlueBall 07

Small platform game in progress.
Code written in Actionscript 3.0

– Use ‘Arrow keys’ for moving and jumping.
– Use ‘Space button’ to shoot nuts.
– And ‘Ctrl’ for flying. ‘Down’ arrow to stop flight.
(For best visual and smoothness, make the window smaller.)

LunaTicTac 08

Luna-Tic-Tac is a new project in its very early state (2016)

RetroGameState 08

Retrogame is a new project also in its very early stage (2016)

Curved Terain Project 03

Curved Terrain, is a project for making the character move on variated terrain.

Slice Not Dice _ revisited

Slice’not’Dice 06

Slice Not Dice, is a project for working with depths.


Cow vs UFO Episode 01

Cow vs UFO Episode 02

Cow vs UFO. a short silly
animation cartoon in

Green Plant Monster Anim

GPM forming animation

GPM energy raw anim 01

Pawn 01 Run Anim



Animation in progress

Each shade is a colour in itself