Short biography

To add a little something about the painter. To start with, my name is Brian, and i have been
exploring the art of painting for the last fiveteen years. It all took off when i heard from a friend
about a school here in Copenhagen which had a creative line, in form of classes like painting,
drawing, croquis and many other interesting things.

To start on that school, was for me a leap into a world constantly unfolding new horrizons
and inspiration. It took very few brush strokes to realise i was already sold, and had to ride
this new wave to see what it would reveal on it’s path?

One year after, i started on a four year education by the name FUU. translation:(Open Youth Education). Through which i attended three different art schools, and finished up with a private teacher in painting on the indonesian island of Bali.

Brian D. Jensen
BDJ (Colourmist)
Copenhagen, Denmark